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                         Established on April 2002 in Switzerland is in constant touch with the Druk National Congress and supports the Bhutanese movement for Democracy independently.

The members of the Swiss-Bhutan-Friendship-Organization are seriously concerned about the plight of Bhutanese Refugees who were forced to live in exile for more than a decade now. The refugee sheltered in the UNHCR supervised camps in Nepal, numbering about 100’000 and an additional 20-25 thousand refugees outside the camps are languishing in Nepal and India. The plight of those is very pathetic and nobody is helping them.

              Also, Mr. Rongthong Kunley Dorji ,the president of D.N.C who had come to India to seek support for the establishment of Democracy and Human Rights in Bhutan was arrested at Delhi on the basis of baseless allegation by Royal Government of Bhutan . He has been facing extradition charges for the last 5 years and cannot go out of Delhi.

               He has to support his family and party activities. At present 8 -10 party members are staying with him at Delhi and co-ordinating the activities for establishment of Democracy and Human Rights in Bhutan. They are in dire need of your help and support for their sustenance and activities. Inside Bhutan, the fundamental rights are not protected due to lack of the Country’s Constitution. There is a great need of education among the people at the grass root level.

             The Swiss-Bhutan-Friendship-organization in collaboration with D.N.C has decided to establish ways and means for supporting the Bhutanese exiles by organizing projects and collecting funds for their sustenance and activities.

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