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Partiality of the Royal Government.

The partiality of the Royal Government in implementing infrastructural developmental activities in the country is clearly visible now.

During his Dzongkhang tour in 1990, The King promised to develop Eastern Bhutan. He promised the establishment of a university at Kanglung and a medical college at Tashigang/Mongar. He had even assured the public that Eastern Bhutan would have “traditional learning centers”, and that the existing education and health facilities would be upgraded. But contrary to the assurances, the Royal Government shifted the existing Deothang Polytechnic Institute (presently it is known as Royal Bhutan institute of technology) from Deothang, in Eastern Bhutan to Phuentsholing in Western Bhutan, on the pretext that the presence of ULFA and BODO militants in that area was hampering its functioning. Since the ULFA and BODO militant are friends of the King there certainly shouldn’t be anything to fear from one’s “friend”.

The induction of Sangay Nidup (the brother-in-law of the King) as Minister for Health and Education not only put all developmental activities in field of health and education in Eastern Bhutan on hold, but what ever facilities existed have also been downgraded. The teacher’s training college and the hospitals promised to Eastern Bhutan have now been established in Paro, in Western Bhutan.

The lucrative Dungsam Cement Project too has been kept on hold citing the presence of ULFA and BODO militants as an excuse. However, the coal extraction in Bangtar, Samrang is functioning freely without the slightest problem. Is it that the coal mining company involved in the operation is unafraid of ULFA and BODO militants? Or is there another reason? Why is it that in the same area, companies(particularly in which the royal family or those close to them are the financial beneficiaries) are functioning smoothly, while it is supposedly “not conducive” to go ahead with welfare projects for the public.

The Western Bhutanese can purchase a pack of cement for Nu. 80.00, whereas the Eastern Bhutanese are forced to buy the same at Nu. 200.00 per pack, due to the supposed transportation charges from the west to east. There are no inland road services from the Southeast to the Southwest. At present the people are forced to travel through Indian road at ones’ own “risk”.

What is the use of a government if it doesn’t protect the interest of its people?

The King has always been very partisan, manipulative and apparently wants to keep the Sharchops in economic enslavement. The King has always exploited the naďve nature of the Sharchops and they have been victims of the King’s machinations.

While the people are beginning to waken out of this slumber, it is time to more closely question one’s role and responsibility in the development of the nation, and in choosing and establishing a system of governance that cares for the interests of the people and the nation.


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